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Fiber reinforced composites.
A composite is a material that consists of two or more materials (in a matrix - reinforcement combination) whereas there are practically no restrictions when it comes to what matierals can be applied. Most often, fibers are used for the reinforcement part and polymers or inorganics as matrices. By the matrix - reinforcement combination, the composite material has different properties than "the source matierals" on its own. 

Reasons for composites may be a better performance (e.g. stronger), lighter or less expensive. In terms of yarn and fibers, they usually serve as strengthening part. Prime example are Polypropylene fibers in concrete as micro crack preventer (MCP) or anti fire crack measurement (AFC). 

Traditionally, yarn and fibers of the following materials are being used for composite applications:




This list is however not exclusive. Depending on the properties you would like your composite material to have, other materials are suitable as well. Browse our products to find out more or contact us with your project requirements in order to get your perfect yarn or fiber solution for composites.

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