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For any kind of problems you meet during a project or in your existing product.
You would like to improve your product with certain characteristics? You need to solve a problem in your existing product? Or are you in the middle of a project, meeting an unexpected error? Search no more, Swicofil Consult is your answer.

Swicofil Consult is here to detect, analyse and solve problems or change unwanted situations to the better.
To guarantee best solutions, Swicofil has more than 40 years of experience and knowhow in the textile as well as technical sector. This  is further combined with a vast network of supplier partners, universities and institutes with whom Swicofil closely collaborates.

Welcome to a world where you do not need to handle any problems. Welcome to the world of Swicofil Consult.


  • less worries for you
    While we would to highlight that the entire solution process happens under strong collaboration with you, Swicofil Consult will take care of technicalities and problems that may occur during this process.
  • customized recommendations that base on your needs
    Swicofil is an independent company. This means that we care about you and you only. Recommendations from our side base thus on your requirements only and not on a hidden agenda like boosting the sale of a certain yarn/fiber.
  • knowledge right at your disposal
    Swicofil offers you access to its distinct knowledge of yarn, fibers and technical applications as well as access to the mastery of our partners for yarn/fiber production, yarn/fiber processment, institute partners as well as academic partners. This ensures that you will not only receive information out of a text book but also intrinsic knowledge. 
  • thinking ahead
    Swicofil evaluates your project, your project goals, the end use of the product as well as its conditions also in terms of the long run. This evaluation will highly influence what the recommendation for the solution should be - for the problem that occured but also to minimize possible problems.
  • risk minimization
    Improvements often are tricky and pose a certain risk. Having access to Swicofil, your independent and neutral partner, minimizes the risk of failure as you will not experience blind spots (due to organisational blindness and such) but you will have a multiperspective take on your project and thus a broad-spanning solution.
  • improvements
    Swicofil not only evaluates a project, the source of the occured problem and recommends most suitable yarn and fiber solutions as well as processment partners. On the basis of the evaluations, we also suggest improvements that concern the entire extend of your project.
  • vast network of suppliers, yarn/fiber processors, independent technicians and academic partners
    Swicofil knows the matter - and even more. Thanks to our close connections with supplier partners for most different materials, you are sure to receive the material that suits your requirements the most. Tight cooperation with yarn/fiber processor ensure that we know what they are best at doing - so that we will never work with anyone who does the job badly. The collaboration with academic partners (research institutes, universities, ...) further ensure state of the art knowledge. 
  • efficient solution-finding process
    Thanks to all the above mentioned points, time to market for your redesigned product will be significantly reduced and costs minimized.
  • discretion
    You would like to stay "below the radar"? No problem. Swicofil strongly values discretion as well as integrity and we commonly work under the protective cover of NDA's.
  • you own everything
    Swicofil will never make a claim of owning your product, the idea behind it or anything related to this project.


Product developments with Swicofil Consult consist of three stages as can be seen in the picture below. Roughly, the process looks as follows:
  1. Analysis
    Swicofil evaluates your product, the project requirements, the goals of your project respectively what the end use of your product should be as well as conditions of the product surroundings. Thoroughly, it will be examined what has been done so far and what causes problems.
  2. Recommendation
    Based on the findings in the analysis and a special focus on what the problem is, Swicofil will elaborate recommendations regarding which yarn or fiber solution (choosing from the vast pool of available products)  will prevent your current problem, perform on the same level and not cause any new problems. Furthermore, Swicofil will recommend general project improvements (if such can be found) as well as a most suitable processor partner (if you do not process the yarn  by yourself or your partner of choice). 
    The recommendations will be thoroughly explained to you (for example why this specific material is the most suitable), questions will be answered. So that you can be sure that we really have nothing else in mind than the your requirements and how to meet them best.
  3. Preliminary tests
    Based on the recommendations, Swicofil will source the yarn/fiber and instruct the processing partner accordingly as well as handle all the administrative effort. You will steadily be informed whenever there are news from the processor partner so that you are never out of the loop but always up to date! This phase will take as long until the results are of highest satisfation for you.
  4. Project realisation
    You go commercial / continue with the commercialisation according to the determinants that were specified in the previous phase. Swicofil is at your side, supporting you whenver you need it.
Coaching projects where yarn and fibers are or could be crucial for the solution of a problem.


What does the service "Coaching" of Swicofil Consult mean?
Solution to the occured problem and technical chances in terms of yarn and fibers for your on-going project / existing product.

What enables Swicofil Consult to do so?
Why should I use the service of Swicofil Consult?
Less invested money and time in the overall sight.

For what kind of projects can I use the service of Swicofil Consult?
The newer and crazier the idea behind a project is, the more challenging (and interesting) for us. The scope is practically limitless - challenge the yarn and fiber expert knowledge of Swicofil Consult with your special project requirements.

How much does it cost?
We offer various pricing models, depending on the extend you would like Swicofil to accompany you. Contact us for more information.
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