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Pyrolized thermo yarn.
Enriched with various additives, Litrax L2 thermo is worldwide the most rapid and strong warming up yarn of additional 13.8°C within 10 minutes. 

Optimal for thin padded winter jackets with high insulation capacity, excellent for underwear, pyjamas or sports clothing.
Litrax L2 Thermo


Litrax L2 Thermo convinces with the following properties:
  • quick and high insulation from 0.8 to 3.2 Clo
    (1 Clo = 0,155 K · meter²/ watt)
  • rapid warming effect
    Litrax L2 can add up to +28°C and beyond
  • rapid increase of local blood circulation
  • high deodorizing effect
  • dry
    L2 keeps dry in summer & during sports

  • blending possible
    Litrax L2 can be mixed with other materials so that an intimate fiber or yarn mix is created
  • antibacterial
    Litrax L2 meets antibacterial standards according to JIS L1902-1998
  • far infrared absorption
  • excellent UV protection
    Litrax L2 provides UV protection by an SPF 25
  • negative ions
    Litrax L2 has negative ions (580 counts/cc)
Litrax L2 thermo yarn


  • How well does LITRAX TWO Thermo insulate?
    Litrax L2 Thermo provides exceptional clothing insulation properties in terms of the standard textile thermal insulation unit (clo unit). Litrax L2 Thermo fibers can insulate from 0.8 to over 3.9 Clo, a unit of thermal insulation used for clothing. which can be projected in to a massive and unprecedented ~27.5°Celsius of raised temperature. The amount of insulation required to keep a resting person warm in a windless room at 21.1 °C is equal to 1 Clo.
  • How to test insulation?
    EN13537 and ASTM1518-1985 methods, or with a thermo camera (for coloured effects).
  • What does the Clo unit mean?
    The clo is a measure of thermal resistance in the textile industry. It measures the insulation provided by any layer of trapped air between skin and clothing and the insulation value of the clothing itself. 1 clo unit will maintain a sedentary man comfortable indefinitely in an environment of 21°C, 50% relative humidity, and 0.01 m/s air movement. Assuming no wind penetration and no body movements to pump air around, clothing insulation = 0.15 x weight of clothes in lbs. (i.e., 0.15 clo per lb of clothes). So 10 lbs. clothes = 1.5 clo. A thick business suit provides an average of approximately 1 clo of intrinsic insulation for the whole body. Common textiles such as shirts and pullovers display values between 0.5 - 1.1 clo while standard insulation values of bedding can be between 1.4 and 1.6 clo.
    Litrax L2 Thermo fibers insulate up to 3.2 Clo with fiber padding (filling of jackets, shoes) and could also be used for enhanced construction insulation.

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