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Abrasion resistant yarns and abrasion resistant fibers with Swicofil.
Abrasion refers to the general wearing down of a material. Most often, this mutated look and structure are an undesired, hardly controllable effect of exposure to normal use.

Abrasion resistance refers to the ability of materials to withstand wearing down (caused by scuffing, rubbing, scratching and so on). Accordingly, functionality of an end application is prolonged when abrasion resistant materials are used.

Abrasion resistance can be tested by various standards (ATSM, ISO, ...). Furthermore, abrasion resistance can also be influenced by the means of using lubricant (example in the yarn production: spin finish) or applying a coating.


Swicofil offers a broad variety of yarn and fibers that are chemically inert. It is possible to combine this property with characteristics like:
  • lightweight
  • high strength / tenacity
  • inertness
  • ...

Depending on your end application and amongst others, Swicofil offers products like:
... as well as other products like stainless steel yarns and more. Browse our products or contact us with your project requirements in order to get your perfect yarn or fibers that are abrasion resistant.

CONTACT US  with more information concerning your project in order to get your perfect solution.

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