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Signal transmission for analog signals and digital signals with yarn and fibers.
Signal transmission is the subject of signaling processing (or signal theory) which looks at the transmission of signals in various physical mediums. Signals can be analog or digital whereas analog signals are considered continuous (frequencies, phase changes, other mechanical values) and refers to electrical, pneumatic and similar signal systems. Digital signals on the other hand represent data in discrete values, so to say pulsations.

Signal transmission is omnipresent and already a wellknown term in the yarn and fiber world. Copper fine wires for electrical signal transmission or optical fibers for light transmission are therefore no news anymore. Nevertheless, the usage of yarn for general signal transmitting purposes has so far been restricted as metalized yarn or PMMA is of low elasticity, easily broken, not bendable or then too low in conductivity. 

This is no more the case - thanks to SwicoSilver HiCon yarns.


Signal transmission with SwicoSilver HiCon yarn

Amongst other products, Swicofil offers SwicoSilver yarns (also in HiCon quality), SwicoGold and other metals from the plasma line suitable for signal transmission.

They are washable (adhesion of the metal to the yarn is excellent), highly conductive, have the touch as well as the behaviour of a normal textile yarn and can be processed just like normal yarn by embroidery, weaving or knitting and more. Furthermore, these yarns are fine, light and customizable.

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