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Yarn and fibers for insect repellent, anti mosquito purposes.
Yarn and fibers with permethrin for insect repellent, anti-insect, anti-mosquito purposes.
Mosquitos and other insects can not only be a real nuisance, they also are potentially dangerous disease carriers. It is thus of  importance to protect yourself by every mean possible - from clothes to bedsheets and more so that no Malaria carrying mosquito and no tick that transmits encephalitis ever come close to you.


Swicofil offers insect repellent yarn and fibers as follows:
CellSolution Protection fibers are functional cellulosic manmade fibers. The main raw material is wood pulp from non-endangered trees, and the additive parafin is refined plant oil. 
Cell Solution Protection fibers provide effective and durable protection against insects – such as ticks and mosquitoes. Via direct spinning, the insect repellent permethrin is embedded in the Cell Solution fiber core and migrates to the fiber surface in a tightly controlled manner. The patented technology ensures that a small, but just enough amount of permethrin is diffused from the inner of the Protection fiber to the surface.

Cell Solution protection fibers can be easily processed in to textiles and have consistent dyeability when following the recommended processing/finishing method. Cell Solution® Protection fibers are long lasting with a high washing stability, tested to perform through the expected life span of the textile.

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