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Looking for twisted or plied yarn? Need a special blend that is nowhere to find on the market? Want to combine two properties of different yarns by mixing them? Search no more, Swicofil is the answer.
With Swicofil, the plattform for yarn and fibers in most diverse materials, you do not only have easy and quick access to every imaginable material in terms of yarn and fiber. Swicofil also stands for the ability to deliver special twists, customized plies, rare blends or mixed yarns.

This is due to the combination of our vast expert network of high quality twisters and Swicofil's ability to access every material in terms of yarn and fibers one can dream of. 


(Kindly note that the following list is only a small selection, as it is too extensive to list every possible twist / ply combination we are able to source for you.)


  • Natural fibers with Cotton and similar
    natural fibers like flax, hemp or soybean blended together with cotton, viscose and other similar materials
    mixed spun (materials mixed before spun) or plied
    available in most diverse counts, from very fine to extremely coarse
    for every end application where well-being of your customer is required

  • Polyester / Belltron PES
    in ratios between 68-95% PET / 5-32% Belltron PES
    available in final counts dtex 78 - dtex 200 (normal textile tenacity) and dtex 100 & dtex 610 (high tenacity yarns)
    for anti-static applications, combining strength and excellent runability for easy weaving

  • Polyester / Copper
    in various ratios, e.g. 23% Polyester / 77% Copper
    avialable in final counts of abt. dtex 1800
    for application where conductivity and well running yarn is required

... any many more. Please contact us with more details regarding your inquiry for more information.



Do you want a special blend or mix that is so far nowhere to be found? With Swicofil, your search is over. Swicofil does not only have access to every imaginable material in term of yarns and fibers. Swicofil also has various twisting partners, whereas every one of them specializes in another field.
This means for your that whatever your application, wish or idea may be, we have a partner who is an expert in twisting together yarns for your end use idea. Please contact us with more information on your requirements (e.g. what blend you need as well as the other points mentionned here).

CONTACT US  for more information or if you are interested in twisted yarn.

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