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Anti dirt and anti soiling yarn and fiber solutions.
Anti dirt, anti soiling, self cleaning yarn and fibers
Dirt repellent fabrics are the dream of everyone who dislikes doing laundry. In order for a fabric to be of these properties, there are two ways to create them:
  • furnishing with a dirt repellent coating
    whereas the coating is most likely to be silicone or a paraffin emulsion.
  • yarn / fibers made out of inherently dirt repellent materials

No matter which option one chooses, the underlaying cause for the anti-dirt property is the same: for the material to have a specific standpoint in regard of water. This may be the material to be either superhydrophil (really really water loving) or superhydrophobic (really really water disliking).

One also needs to pay attention to the material's affinity for static charging: materials that are easily statically charged are less suited for anti-stain applications. Reason for this is that the rather high surface resistance.


Amongst other products, Swicofil offers dirt repellent yarn and fibers as follows:
... and many more to be found in our product programme.

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