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Engineering is a broad field and wins of importance in the daily life more and more. To help you meet these new forms of demands, Swicofil has a distinct knowledge in various applications.
Yarn and fiber for technical engineering such as automotive, wind power, sports, construction, outer space


Yarns and fibers make more than just pretty clothes. They are essential for industrial applications due to their fineness, flexibility as well as strength. This is also true for application within the field of engineering. Where thick and brittle metal wires and cables once were used, is nowadays a dominant field for the application of various high performance yarns due to technical advance.


Numerous applications require robustness and delicacy simultaneuosly. May this be high tenacity yarns for automotive applications to grant your comfort during a car ride but also your safety in case of an accident.

A little more hidden from the daily attention; there often are Polypropylene fibers embedded in the concrete for reinforcement to make sure the building is stable and does not immediately collapse in case of a fire.

Or, totally impercebtible, Gold covered yarns that secure parts in outer space from cosmic radiation while not impacting their functionality such as sending and receiving signals.
Yarns and fibers for engineering to grant robustness and limitless flexibility
Automotive applications and developments in belts, airbags, flocking and more with yarns, fibers and support by Swicofil     automotive - belts, airbags, flocking and more

Wind power developments and applications with yarn, fibers and support by Swicofil     wind power 

Sports applications and developments for racquets, sports wear, shoes and more with yarn, fibers and support by Swicofil     sports - racquets, apparel, aeronautics and more
Construction applications and developments for composites and more with yarn, fibers and support by Swicofil     construction - composites and more

Outer space applications and developments for solar sails and more with yarn, fibers and support by Swicofil     outer space - solar sails and more
Swicofil is here to support you by providing advice, yarn or fibers that were carefully chosen to suit all of your requirements for your product development. Due to our long-standing experience as well as the choice of incountable materials, we promise that we do not offer anything of which we are not fully convinced would suit your project perfectly.


Counting on Swicofil not only benefits you in terms of less invested time, money and worries in the overall sight. Further advantages are:
  • large range of products
    Over are the times wher e you had to intensively search the internet for your dream product and to contact countless suppliers in the hope to finally have found a suitable partner. With more than 130 dif ferent materials in the product range, you are guaranteed to find your yarn or fiber solution with S wicofil, the expert hub for yarn and fibers.
  • innovation the easy way
    Close collaboration of Swicofil with high qualit ative producers for most diverse materials enable us t o custom tailor yarn or fibers, should no existing product meet the requirements. So that you reduce R&D costs and time.
  • advice, support and products from an independent partner
    Although Swicofil has close r elationships with high qualit ative supplier partners from all over the world, Swicofil is your independent parter who focuses on you and your needs.
    Swicofil will thus not of fer you anything we are not fully convinced it will suit your project or because we simply need to promote a special product. With Swicofil, you receive honest, pragmatic and effective solutions that focus on your satisfaction.
  • know-how meets experience
    Pronounced know-how and vast experience from numerous past projects ensure that Swicofil fully grasps the situation of your project in no time.

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