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Alpine cooling yarn.
The Litrax L5 yarn series is based on PA (Nylon) and offers unprecedented cooling effects on body. The yarn is enriched by cooling mineral composites that have a lasting cool effect on skin of approximately -1.7°C. The effect is almost permanent as it works on the natural coolness of the minerals.
  • 100% PA 6
  • cooling
  • refreshing
  • soft and pleasant feel

In combination with Litrax L8 active carbon:
  • UV protection
  • de-odorizing
  • sweat absorption
  • dry body


  • for optimal performance
    Preferably use over 50% of Litrax L5 yarn in fabrics to preserve its effectiveness, preferably 80-100% at the skin side.
  • avoid adding polyester
    If possible do not combine Litrax L5 with Polyester at same side as it leads to a loss of functional effectiveness.
  • go for nylon or rayon
    Nylon or rayon-based (viscose) yarns are best choices when combining with Litrax L5 yarn.
  • easy on the oil
    When weaving yarn, relax the pulling power, don't use too much yarn oil.
  • the composition of fabric from round weaving
    Generally suggested garments with Litrax L5 are:
    • polo shirts
    • moisture absorbing and quick dry shirts
    • also bird-eye and pique (PK) will give good results because bird-eye and PK have holes for convection. For now, there are no trials in using Litrax L5 for woven applications.
  • recommended composition percentages
    If you can use 100% Litrax L5 yarn for one side, that is the best choice we can recommend. Make sure, Litrax L5 can touch the skin. If you want to make polo shirts, we suggest outside either LITRAX-8 active carbon rayon-polyester blended yarn
    (containing pyrolized Litrax L8 active carbon composites for quick dry and sweat work out) in Ne 30 or Ne 40 quality, or Litrax L8 filament yarn.
  • composition of a moisture absorbing shirt
    You may use the moisture absorbing polyester-based yarn LITRAX L8 active carbon with 150D or 100D at the outside, and on the inside a standard Litrax L5 70D/48F filament yarn.
  • possible composition in woven fabrics
    Normally, woven is plain, we suggest to use Litrax L8 rayon-polyester blended Litrax L8 active carbon yarn, Ne30 on the outside, and a Litrax L8 polyester 150D or 75D moisture absorbing yarn interwoven with Litrax L5 70D/48F on the inside.

For specific textile application questions, please contact us.

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