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Innovative solutions in terms of functionality to boost your textile and industrial product's performance in every possible way. 
Innovation is not just a trend word for Swicofil. Innovation is our business model. Swicofil lives for adapting to new environments, pushing new ideas, helping out in situations where a change is the crucial solution.

In a highly competitive market like the textile sector is, novelties and flexibility are the keys to success - Swicofil is your answer! Being a plattform plus offering personal support from a team that has plenty of knowledge and experience in the background, Swicofil not only knows what's going on in the textile or related industries. Swicofil keeps an eye on all developments in order to anticipate what the needs of tomorrow are - and includes those in the advices.

Innovative yarns for innovationsuch as textile solution, new trends, technical support, separation, bonding, fusible, new product, fast coloring, conductivity


Swicofil is your partner to help you improving your textile and industrial textile product performance, to find new solutions for existing products, to explore new product design possibilities.

Fields of application are unlimited due to the distinctive knowledge as well as experience of over forty years Swicofil has. We offer support in various markets as well as solutions to problems like:




RESISTANCE against unwanted impact

with a special focus on VISUAL EFFECTS

requirements for HIGH PERFORMANCE materials

branded functional products LITRAX or CELLSOLUTION



Do you have a specified idea in mind? Is there a problem you would like to solve? Please do not hesitate to browse around and to contact us with as much information on what criteria your product should fulfill, under which conditions your product has to perform how and what exactly the final application is etc. We will do our utmost to assist you and to find a technically feasible and economic solution.

Long term experience in the field of synthetic and natural yarns and fibers enables us to guide you in the right direction. Knowing well the properties and performance of all the yarns and fibers and after many years of excellent contacts with the synthetic and natural fiber producers we are confident to be able to assist you.

CONTACT US  if you have an idea where you need support or if you have questions.

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