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Hydrophobe yarn and hydrophobe fibers for applications with Swicofil, your partner for hydrophobe solutions.
Hydrophob yarn and fibers like High Modulus Polypropylene, UHWMPE yarn or Polyester PET yarn.
Hydrophobicity (originating from old greek roughly meaning "afraid of water") refers to the "ability" of some materials to repell respectively to not attract water. The most popular example in terms of hydrophobic behaviour shows the lotus flower, after which the "lotus effect" has been named.

Hydrophobicity is to be brought back to the chemical structure of materials. So it is that most of the hydrophob materials are nonpolar, meaning the elctronegativity between the bonded atoms is below a certain threshold.

Hydrophobicity is not to be confused with lipophilicity, despite those terms being somewhat related. Also, hydrophobicity is the exact opposite of hydrophilicity, which refers to materials that highly attract water (like materials such as chitosan, viscose rayon or casein).


Swicofil offers a broad variety of yarn and fibers that are hydrophobe. It is possible to combine this property with characteristics like:
  • dimensional stability
  • high strength / tenacity
  • low density
  • ...

Depending on your end application and amongst others, Swicofil offers hydrophobe products like:
... as well as other products like various Polyamides (like 6.10 or 12 for example) and more. Browse our products or contact us with your project requirements in order to get your perfect yarn or fibers that are hydrophobe.

CONTACT US  with more information concerning your project in order to get your perfect solution.

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