SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


Resistance with Swicofil, expert in yarn and fiber specialities for anti-bacteria, anti-infrared or anti-soiling yarn and fibers.
Yarn and fiber with resistant properties to withstand impacts of any kind with Swicofil.


There are occasions where the quality of your newly created product could get a real boost and advantage over your competitors if this product had the capability to either:

Swicofil is your partner to help you improving your textile and industrial product performance, to find new solutions for existing products, to explore new design possibilities. This includes offering solutions that meet the above listed, possible requirements.

This can include anti-bacteria properties that can be found in bamboo yarn or apocynum yarn for example. Or specially treated silver yarn to kill of bad smell.

Whatever your problem is, whatever  your end product idea is, contact Swicofil for yarn and fiber solutions that match your requirements!

CONTACT US with more information concerning your project to get your perfect solution.

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