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Industrial applications not only refer to para textiles and technical applications. In this term included as well are the production of curtains, wigs, fishing flies or applications in composites. 
As old and boring the production of wigs and curtains may sound on first glance, there is a respectable potential behind these applications due to new developments and trends.

Constant material improvement and inventions enable those applications a new total new field while simultaneously solving old problems that were thought to be insolvable. So it is that for example wigs nowadays do not need to be produced with easy melting Polyamide 6 anymore, thanks to new materials that do not melt, thus not endangering the person to experience burns on their skin in case of a fire.

New possibilities are also slowly becoming popular in terms of curtains. With nowadays wide range of different materials, curtains may either be decorated with luxurious and longlasting products like 24K Gold yarn (without any other metal underneath) that does not turn black after some time due to the absence of any layer of other metal underneath - as it is the case with traditional solutions. But also functionalities, like embedding electronics like LED directly into a curtain without the danger of burning it, experience a rise. 

Improvement does also not stop for composites. Traditionally used carbon yarns are constantly improved in performance. Simultaneously, fibers that have never been used before in the composites field are getting applied, like natural ones such as hemp.

Swicofil advises such projects and sources corresponding products for you, in order for you to fully concentrate on your core competence. For an easy going project, for excellent end results.


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