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Information on how Swicofil works, abbrevations, how to handle returns or transport information.
If we do something, we ALL do it right from the beginning. In this context we would like to list our main rules:


  1. Total engagement + realiability
  2. Satisfy customers and staff by promoting excellent services and  products
  3. Always set a good example and maintain a perfect conduct
  4. Carry out each task correctly from the  beginning
  5.  Act efficiently and quickly
  6. Admit and eliminate mistakes
  7. Stick to promises made and inform inevitable inconveniences in advance
  8. Show positive attitudes
  9. Communicate in every direction
  10. Demand total quality, fairness + kindness to and from others

Thank you for making these rules also to yours - we are positive that together we achieve the goal of zero unqualified inquiries and by this to become more efficient. 


The terms of trades for all our businesses is as follows
Deliveries: Incoterms 2020
Yarns: BISFA rules (where they exist)
Payments: Internationally accepted terms
for L/C "ERA 500" revision 1993
Currencies: most fully convertable ones - guidance is always our tariff
Contracts: "General terms of sales"


As per BISFA regulations we have to correct the invoiced weights for the following product lines:
  • PA 6.6 POY
  • PA 6.6 high tenacity on cyls. and beams
  • PA 6 high tenacity on cyls.

Products which undergo a subsequent finishing operation such as rewinding, uptwisting or dyeing absorb humidity during these operations. Due to different absorbtion factors for such products we refrain from applying the correction factors on these finished products.


Our prices are for first quality only. Under first quality we understand the required quality for each specific end use. For certain end uses weight differences in bobbin weights are acceptable. 1b and 2a can only be sold according to availability and not on a contract basis (not prior to availability). Swicofil policy is to work only with 1a.

We differ between the following quality levels:
 Quality   Quality aspect
 First quality product without any defects.

 Warp: all bobbins equal length
 Weft: weight differences are possible
 Knitting:  as weft yarn
Generally first quality product but more important weight differences are likely. Minor deviations from the specifications are possible. Sometimes dyeability can be questionable.
Second quality product without any guarantee of quality - our second quality is often comparable with 1b of our competitors. Yarns must run off from the bobbins!

For 1b there is only a limited right for complaints - for 2a, there is no right of complaint.


Normally we only engage max. for a period of 3 months. This is the time for which we can know the rawmaterial and production costs. In strategic cases we may accept to sell for 5-6 months but never longer. Yearly contracts are not possible.


The prices – if not otherwise indicated - are valid for 20 and 40’ container shipments. Our minimum quantity per delivery is one pallet. For smaller quantities than a pallet a surcharge of EUR 10.00 per kg has to be applied because of excessive warehouse and administration work (except one time for samplings). If bigger quantities are discussed we kindly ask you to verify with us what is the capacity of a truck/container/rail waggon.


Our supplier partners normally have a sample analysis facility and we can offer this service to regular customers. 

Samples of postage-stamp-size cannot be examined - minimum is a piece of fabric of 15 - 15 cm! Ideally yarn samples only on original bobbins.


If ever a customer is returning goods to us kindly note that:
  • Goods should be returned in the original packing
  • Cartons should be marked as returns - this helps us to spot and classify them immediately after receipt.
  • The way and means of transport normally must be the same as when the goods entered your country. In case of any queries it is better to contact us before return is arranged for.
  • In order to facilitate re-importation into country of origin we absolutely need full details on what is returned, i.e.:
    • Proforma invoice or invoice (with indication of original invoice number)
    • Packing list
    • Forwarding agents receipt or B/L

It is very important to receive these papers by email prior to arrival of goods at the relevant border.


We do everthing to avoid quality problems and complaints! However where human beings work - mistakes may happen. In any case it is customers duty to always carry out preliminary tests before starting a production. This is the customer's standing duty of diligence!

In case of complaints please supply us immediately with a detailed description of the problems and arrange also for enough relevant pieces of evidence (yarn, rawwhite fabric and finished fabric). The following points of info you should provide us:

    * exact description of the problem
    * relevant invoice numbers
    * detailed info on production data 
    * full dyeing and finishing recipe giving
      - all temperatures
      - all time factors
      - all chemicals and auxiliaries added

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