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Functional fibers and spun yarns with Cell Solution.
Functional yarn and fibers solutions with CellSolution and Swicofil.


Cell Solution® functional lyocell fibres are produced particularly environmentally friendly with the patented ALCERU® procedure. The active substance is directly integrated into the cellulose matrix, imparting a permanent function to the cellulose.

Cell Solution® functional lyocell fibres are available for both yarn- and fill purposes.


Cell Solution offers a variety of product line, whereas with every line a different problems is tackled:
  • CellSolutionTM protection
    Insect repellent, anti-mosquito
  • CellSolutionTM skin care
    fiber with vitamin E
  • CellSolutionTM dermal plus
    Natural oils (with evening primrose oil, linseed oil, olive oil, vitamines A, E, ….)
  • CellSolutionTM fragrance
    Fragrances, perfumes
  • CellSolutionTM activated carbon
    active carbon with high absorption capacity
  • CellSolutionTM algae control
    binding phosphates in water
  • CellSolutionTM bioactive
    anti-bacterial fibers (with silver ions as an active component)
  • CellSolutionTM clima
    highly performing micro composite fibers managing temperature properties
  • CellSolutionTM conductive
    electrically conductive fibers
  • CellSolutionTM hygenic
    copper ions
  • CellSolutionTM Prussian blue
    for selective disposal of heavy metals

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