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Retroreflective yarn solutions to boost your textile and industrial product's performance.
There are occasions where the your newly created product could get a real boost and advantage over your competitors if this product had the capability to retro-reflect incoming light. We are happy to offer you solutions. This retro-reflect ability is normally given by coating fabrics in a special process.

We know are happy to offer a solution where the yarn is retro-reflective, both available in flat as well as in embroidery version. This fact helps you to solve a lot of problems and does allow you to design innovative new products to meet the ever changing market demands.

Furthermore, also all purpose reflective yarns are available with Swicofil for customer's who want to weave, braid or dye these yarns.
Retroreflective yarn in action - for when you need to be seen.


Retro reflective technology can be obtained with the use of two types of raw materials:
  • glass beads
  • micro prisms

Our reflective yarns are manufactured with films having glass beads incorporated.

The role of the glass beads is to reflect the incoming light to its original light source. This means that the glass beads act as spherical lenses and return the incoming light to the light source when the reflective layer is set in its focus point.
How glass beads reflect light in retro reflective yarns
Effect of the usage of retro-reflective yarn
Animated presentation on the effect of retroreflective yarn.


Swicofil offers you the widest selecton of reflective yarns that will guarantee both night time safety and avant garde fashion.

The retro-reflective effect is obtained from the presence of thousands of glass beads that reflect the light returning it to its source. It is a security yarn that guarantees visibility at night. Ideal for:
  • sportswear
  • ribbons
  • laces
  • woven labels
  • embroidery
Example for a product with retroreflective yarn


Count Nm

Count dtex





Liteback 1/100" 2x20

0.640 mm

4.5 - 4.7

2127 - 2222

Reflex 1/50"
(thickness 230 my)

0.600 mm



Reflex 1/69"
(thickness 230 my)


Reflex 1/69" 2x20
(thickness 230 my)
Reflex 1/100"
(thickness 230 my)
Reflex 1/100" 2x20
(thickness 230 my)



Reflex (thickness 230 my)

1.00 mm



Reflex (thickness 230 my)

1.50 mm



Reflex (thickness 230 my)

2.00 mm

The highest retro-reflective quality yarn available is made from 3M Scotchlite film. This yarn is available in many counts in both supported and unsupported forms.
  • Reflex
    a retro-reflective yarn in a both supported and unsupported forms.
  • Liteback
    a very fine supported and unsupported retro-reflective yarn most suitable for weaving due to its relative high yield compared to other retro-reflecitve yarns. 

Programme of retroreflective flat yarn

Suitable for knitting are the ones marked with "2x20". These are supplied on cones.
All the others (without the nylon support) are supplied on bobbins and are not suitable for knitting unless it is handknitting.

Yarn is not dyed and not suitable for dyeing.

Circular knitting, flat bed knitting or hosiery possible. However customer must be aware that these retro-reflective yarns are not easy to work. First of all they are heavy and secondly due to the glass beads they are quite abrasive (wear on needles)! Also finishing is not too easy: no dyeing - avoid alkali or acid treatments.

For RETROREFLECTIVE EMBROIDERY YARN, please contact the Swicofil team for more information on the products.



All-purpose retroreflective yarn are reflective yarns that are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are the answer to conventional reflective yarn's stiffness whereas they do not make any compromises in their performance.

All-purpose reflective yarns are characterized by a wide range of applicability including:

  • knitting
  • weaving
  • embroidery
  • braiding


and many more. Furthermore, all-purpose reflective yarns are suitable for demanding treatments like dyeing, dry cleaning or ironing.


All-purpose reflective yarns come in the form of monofilaments are available with a Polyester PET matrix as in the following counts:

  • dtex 190
  • dtex 220
  • dtex 420
  • dtex 650

For more information like on technical values, please follow this link.

CONTACT US  for more information or if you are interested in retroreflective yarn.

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