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Schiffli embroidery and multiple head embroidery.


Multiple head embroidery refers to embroidering on a multiple head embroidery machine. A multiple head embroidery machine has multiple embroidery heads, around 6 to 8 which simultaneously work. They can however function independently, meaning they do not necessarily embroider the same dessin in the fabric but can be separately adapted (which is not the case for Schiffli embroidering). 

Yarn for multiple head embroidery needs to withstand high forces. Embroidery yarn is thus always a minimum of 2+ yarns plied together at a high twist, whereas even the single yarns are highly twisted. Yarn for multiple head embroidery is wound on multiple head embroidery bobbins as per picture below (the picture shows a SwicoGold embroidery yarn):
Plasma 24K Gold coated Polyester embroidery yarn available from stock service


Schiffli embroidery refers to embroidering on a Schiffli embroidery machine. A Schiffli embroidery machine uses two thread systems (one on the front side of the fabric and one of the back side) whereas the front yarn in entwined with the back thread in order to "lock the stitch" in the fabric. The functionality of a Schiffli embroidery machine thus resembles a sewing machine. However, a Schiffli embroidery machine has several needles (modern machines more than 600 needles) of which all embroider the same dessin at the same time .

Yarn for Schiffli embroidery is not wound on a bobbin but wound in itself and placed in a boat-like shuttle (in German "Schiffli") on the machine. One can also use yarns for multiple head embroidery on Schiffli embroidery machines as the requirements to a yarn for Schiffli embroidery are lower. Multiple head embroidery applies more force on a yarn than Schiffli embroidery for example.
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