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Antibacteria cleaning towels. Wellbeing from pure silver.


  • antibacterial
    99% less germs and bacteria
  • odor-free
    no unpleasant odors even after days in use
  • bioactive
    natural effectiveness with no chemical substances
  • high absorbency
    up to 2 dl with no drops
  • washable
    effectiveness even after many wash cycles
  • fuzz-free and non-deformable


BlueWish mainly works by silver ions as follows:
  • affect metabolism of bacteria and prevent their reproduction
  • are imbedded in cellulose fiber and released continuously over a long period of time
  • no odor
  • surface is reinforced with rubber naps for streak-free cleaning


BlueWish is available and ready for shipping in printed cardboard packing in the languages German, English and French. BlueWish is further available for sales in bulk (200'000 or more per order) to:
  • distributors
  • chain stores
  • direct marketing organizations
  • TV sales channels

Furthermore, customer branding is possible.

The antibacterial effect of silver was already familiar many generations before us. Our ancestors used this property in everyday life, for example when they tossed a silver coin into milk or water to preserve their freshness for longer. These bactericidal properties of silver are also exploited by bioactive – albeit on the basis of highly competent scientific testing.

By integrating finely ground ion exchangers, large quantities of silver can be bonded into the bioactive functional fibers. These textile fibers can be used wherever lasting hygienic properties are required or the prevention of infection is necessary.

The high charging capacity and uniform distribution ensure extremely high efficiency. The silver content can be adapted precisely to each specific application, thereby permitting exact cost management. bioactive therefore provides high efficiency in its antibacterial effect – even after more than 80 industrial washing cycles.

The antibacterial action has been certified by independent laboratories: dermatological tests by ProDerm of Hamburg have confirmed its excellent compatibility with skin and fabrics, satisfying the requirements of EN ISO 10993. bioactive has also been included in the list of bioactive substances accepted by Eco-Tex and has been awarded the Eco-Tex 100 Certificate.
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