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Protection and safety against impacts of any kind like bacteria, extreme temperatures or ESD - Swicofil has the answer. 
Yarns and fibers for protection of workers and other safety concerns with Swicofil


In the world of digitalization and the "internet of things", shielding from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has become of crucial importance for sensitive data in order to guarantee security on various levels.
But shielding also has become an important factor for private lives in terms of the so called "electro smog". 

Swicofil is here to provide you with shielding solutions for various EMR frequencies - from protection against only a few Hz ("low frequency waves") to higher frequencies of the Ghz range like infrared. 
Also of importance is to guarantee industry workers a safe work place - including state of the art work wear.  This may be protection against
  • electric current 
  • extreme temperatures
  • cuts / punctures

or simply work wear that is of high performance and durable in general. For Swicofil, it is a mission to prevent performances from being interrupted by impacts and to guarantee the functionality of your process.


Furthermore, Swicofil is also here to support you in the fight against unwanted bacteria in textiles or applications in the medical and cosmetic. field. If it is for water purification, the general inhibition of bacteria growth or sports wear, Swicofil has the competent expertise. Together with you and according to your requirements, Swicofil finds the solution. 
Swicofil not only provides anti-bacteria solutions. We are also very passionate about anti-statics. Therefore, various materials are in Swicofil's product range for diverse applications but still, there is one goal: to reduce electric charges where there should not be any. 

Anti-static solutions for electrostatic discharge (ESD) are foremost like never before. If in a car, in a wireless transmitter, in a plane or even in a laptop - the ability to somehow discharge electrostatic charges without disturbing the performance is a vital part of your protection and safety.

Yarns and fibers for ESD with Swicofil
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