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Swicofil is not only your partner when it comes to yarn and fiber specialities. Promotion, logistics or sales deliveries are also a strong point of our work.
Thanks to our broad network and our expertise for most diverse materials, Swicofil is a well-known company, the hub for yarn and fibers and therefore first point of contact for many customers from all over the world when it comes to yarn and fibers. We care about our customers, we care about their satisfaction, we want to supply them with the perfect solution to their problem. 

In order to serve our customers with the best service possible, we closely work together with all of our suppliers who profit from our market presence. For our suppliers to fully focus on their main task and perfecting their yarns and fibers, Swicofil also takes on activities from the suppliers in order to support them. This includes activities like promotion, sales deliveries and logistics. Also financing may be a part of support.
Promotion, sales deliveries and logistics as part of our support services for suppliers.

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