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What you need to do in case you have got an inquiry and what Swicofil needs to know in order to be able to help you further.
Details concerning what information Swicofil needs to know, how to communicate them to Swicofil as well as what the sampling policy and the working philosophy are.


Swicofil loves to serve you well! In order to do so, Swicofil concentrates on specialities and high tech solutions. For big mass standard products at cheap prices, one is well advised to check with other sources - the same holds true for inquiries from private persons, from one person companies.

Swicofil expects the courtesy of receiving complete contact details with first communication - especially if your email address is a mass
mailing service like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail etc. Inquiries originating from mass mailing services without full contact details will be deleted by our system.

Swicofil targets to develop regular long term business with professionals where an excellent quality and a reliable service are important. 



Please download Swicofil's checklist and send all the needed information by mail to: swicofil(at)swicofil.com
Please make sure that we get all information in first instance - you are invited to use the checklist for all future inquiries aswell. 
If we do not receive all needed details, we are not able to offer. If this happens repeatedly, we will not be able to react.


Swicofil would like to point out that without your detailed input, we are not able to work out or offer(s).

In case you do not want to download our checklist, we are grateful if you specify the following 4 points by e-mail or then contact us by our contact form:

  1. What product do you require?
    Includes information on points such as:
  • material
  • product state (e.g. high tenacity, flat, monofilament)
  • count details (in dtex, denier, Nm, number of filaments etc.)
  • all other information that are crucial for your project like specific colour etc.

  1. Quantity information
    What quantity you want us to offer:
  • for sampling?
  • in commercial deliveries?*
  • (What potential is behind your project per year if trials are successful?)*
Kindly do not ask what minimum quantities are - Swicofil targets to meet your requirements - so please tell us exactly what they are.

*: We would like to highlight that the numbers / quantities regarding commercial delivieries or yearly potential are NOT binding for a future order. The purpose of these numbers is to serve as a preliminary reference for everyone involved - meaning for you to know the price (as bigger quantities mean lower price than for sampling quantities) and for factory to know the extend of your project.

  1. Usage of the yarn/fiber
    • What is the first machine our yarn/fibers go on?
    • What is the final article you make out of the yarn/fibers?
    • Are there any special functionalities which you need our yarn/fibers to meet?
      (e.g. the yarn to be durable in an acid environment, conductivity [preferably in ohm/cm], UV resistance, ...)

  2. (Economic background)
    Business background information will help a lot to speed up offers. This part includes infos on who was the supplier so far, what is the market importance of your company, price expectation etc.

We do thank you to keep those 4 points in mind and to clarify them straight from the beginning (at the time of your inquiry to us). In this way you help us to gain time and to become more productive. Without those information, we are not able to help you further in your search!


If you provide us your inquiry details to all above points, you ensure a fast reaction and a detailed offer to your inquiry. Once Swicofil offered, Swicofil kindly asks you to provide us in any case an intermediary or final feedback as soon as possible - latest at the end of valididy of our offer.
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