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Which delivery terms are possible with Swicofil, your global yarn and fiber expert?


Term English Deutsch Means of Transport possible with
 EXW  ex works  ab Werk truck/rail/boat/air (partly)
 FCA  free carrier (destination)  frei Frachtführer truck/rail/boat/air (partly)
FAS free alongside ship frei Längsseite Schiff maritime only no
FOB free on board frei an Bord maritime only no
CFR cost + freight (destin. port) Kosten und Fracht maritime only yes
CIF cost, insurance +freight (destin. port) Kosten, Fracht, Versicherung, maritime only yes
CPT carriage paid to (destin.) frachtfrei truck/rail/boat/air yes
CIP carriage + insurance paid to (destin.) frachtfrei + versichert truck/rail/boat/air yes
DAP delivered at place geliefert benannter Ort truck/rail/boat/air yes
DPU delivered at place unloaded geliefert ausgeladen truck/rail/boat/air no
DDP delivered duty paid geliefert verzollt truck/rail/boat/air (partly)

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