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SwicoWish antibacterial cleaning towel. Wellbeing from pure silver.
SwicoWish, the circular knitted, micro matrix double-sided pile cleaning towel, is a highly efficient universal fine micro fiber multi purpose cleaning towel. It consists of 73/25/2% PET/PA6/CLY bioactive with lasered customer logo, taped overlock seam, 340 g/m².

The unique and patented fabric composition guarantees:
  • highest absorbance of dirt particles from most surfaces
  • perfect cleaning performance
  • antibacteria during lifetime of towel - no odor
  • ideal to to remove dried crusts from metals without scratching

SwicoWish cleaning towel


Rinse the towel before and after using in clear water. This helps to develop the ideal anti-bacterial performance and to maintain these characteristics in the long run. The wrung out towel cleans most surfaces in a streakless way.

Can be washed in the washing machine up to 60°C and does not need any softeners - please keep chlorine and bleach away from . There is no need for tumblering.

The towel can be used on all flat surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, living room etc - it is also ideal for chrome on motor bikes, music instruments or in institutional areas such as hotels, canteens, schools, hospitals etc.


SwicoWish convinces with the following characteristics:
  • antibacterial
    kills 99% less germs and bacteria
  • odor-free
    no unpleasant odors even after days in use
  • bioactive
    natural effectiveness with no chemical substances
  • high absorbency
  • washable
    effectiveness even after many wash cycles
  • fuzz-free and non-deformable
  • streak-free cleaning
    thanks to millions of microfibers


SwicoWish works by the means of silver ions, which affect metabolism of bacteria and prevent their reproduction. The silver ions are imbedded in cellulose fiber and released continuously over a long period of time - with the effect that no odor is created.

Furthermore, the surface is confectioned plus the towels are engraved by laser which enables scratch-free removal of crusts. Micro fibers grant streak-free cleaning.


The bioactive fibers inside the towel:
  • are tested for optimal performance
    by independent testing institutes like Hohenstein, Fresenius, Klinikum Jena, OMPG et cetera.
  • test results of the towel as per below certificates


SwicoWish is available as:
  • 32 x 32 cm towel
    with lasered customer logo / brand, taped overlock seam
  • 40 x 40 cm towel
    with lasered customer logo / brand, taped overlock seam
  • rolls of 210 cm width
    abt. 40 m/roll ready for confectioning at customers premises
  • for sales in bulk to:
    • distributors
    • chain stores
    • direct marketing organizations 
    • TV sales channels
    • multi level marketing organizations

We are not selling to single customers nor to small retailer shops.

CONTACT US  if you are interested in SwicoWish and / or becoming the distributor in your country.

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