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In case you are urgently looking for some information that were on the old website, however are not yet to be found on the new website or if you used our website as a reference in a paper:
Our old website is online again - however at a new place. Please refer to old.swicofil.com in case of such an emergency. Everything has stayed the same there except for the prefix "old.".
It will stay online until the new homepage will be fully fitted with every piece of information one could retrieve from the old one.

Your Swicofil team



In case you have been a Swicofil customer for a long time, you maybe might already have noticed that there is not yet every material listed yet in our product list on the new homepage. But no worries! This does not mean that we have reduced our product programme!

We are still continuously perfectioning our homepage to include every bit of information available - this however means things take some time in regard of our very limited number of staff (and as we still would like to pursue our daily business - meaning helping you finding the perfect yarn or fiber solution to your project). 
Step by step, products will therefore be updated respectively  added.

Furthermore, we are currently still waiting for a DNS entry for our old website so that our customers and everyone interested can  retrieve information in case it would be urgent. We hope that the responsible company will soon act upon our request as we have been waiting for this DNS entry for quite some time now. 

Therefore please do not hesitate and contact us in the meantime with your request for more information on a specific material!
For your information, it is planned that until Friday (31.August 2018) the following materials will be completed / go online:
  • chitin / chitosan
  • nettle
  • paper yarn
  • bamboo
  • hemp yarn
  • PVC
  • stainless steel yarn
  • silk 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Your Swicofil team

WELCOME TO A NEW ERA (26. August 2018; ar)

Welcome to the new Swicofil homepage!

After a long due make over, hundreds of hours of planning and realizing and a lot of concentration, sweat and effort, we are proud to present our new website.
Please feel free to browse around and to discover every aspect.

We put all our heart in in order for you to experience the Swicofil world the easiest way possible.
In case you have got any question or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

We love to serve you well!
Your Swicofil team
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Looking for a product?
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You have got a question?