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Amongst the various target markets, textile applications are part of the distinct knowledge of Swicofil.


Our yarn and fiber range covers all fields from the finest ladies pantyhose to the coarsest heavy duty application.
An oversight what all in included in the textile scope:

Textile Scope of Swicofil such as cotton type spinning, wool type spinning, linen spinning, synthetic type spinning, yarn processing, weaving, knitting, non woven
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Prior to the Industrial Revolution, textiles were spun by hand using a spinning wheel. Today most commercial yarns are produced in textile spinning mills. Although the tools and techniques vary from hand spinning, most of the processes are still the same. Industrial yarn spinning includes four basic processes in order to manufacture yarn from the raw materials.

Fibers will go through the following processes:
  • loosening & cleaning
  • carding
  • drawing
  • spinning

Most yarns are spun from staple fibers made using one of three of systems- the Cotton Process, the Woolen Process, and the Worsted Process. These processes vary only slightly from each other and they all included the basic steps of Loosening and Cleaning, Carding, Drawing and Spinning.
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