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Gel spinning for high strength and high mechanical property yarns.


Gel spinning refers to a synthetic yarn spinning technique where the polymer chips are not in a fully fluid state but a semi-fluid / semi-solid one. Gel spinning is also called semi melt spinning.

With gel spinning, the molecular weight of the raw material is of importance. Only with polymers of sufficient molecular weight, it is possible to create high strength yarn by the gel spinning method. However, not only sufficient molecular weight but also degree of polymer orientation as well as crystallinity are important for the fiber strength.


Gel spinning roughly comprises the following production steps:
  1. dissolution
    of the polymer in solvent
  2. extrusion
    of the polymer through spinneret
  3. remove solvents
  4. drawing
    to improve crystalinity and to maximize orientation
Materials that are usually spun by the gel spinning process are UHMWPE, carbon, PVA or PAN. 
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