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Antibacteria meets highest comfort - with Crabyon©. 
Important information:
The producer of Crabyon has ceased the production of Crabyon entirely.

We are always trying to find an alternative and will update you as soon as possible. The information on the website will remain online until further notice for informational purposes.
Crabyon is realized with a blend of chitosan and viscose. Chitosan is a product derived from chitin, a compound of natural origin obtained from the shell of crab and shellfish. Chitin is an absolutely safe material, with a scientifically proven biocompatibility. Furthermore, chitin is used in the medical, health an pharmacological fields.

Due to the very similar structure of chitosan (chitin) to cellulose, Crabyon provides a very high textile easiness for manufacturing, an excellent dye ability with reactive and direct stuff as well as a very soft "hand". Furthermore, Crabyon also stands for inhibition of bateria's growth, high level of comfort, anallergicity and high humidity absorption.

For Crabyon, OMIKENSHI has established a commercial process to produce a chitosan (chitin) solution without using organic solvent and commercialized production of the fiber under the brand name of Crabyon by co-extuding with cellulose viscose.

But not only is Crabyon available as fibers, Swicofil has also access to Crabyon tops, Crabyon tows and Crabyon spun yarns.

Crabyon is produced of chitosan / chitin which is from crab. Antibacteria properties the natural way.


One point is the high function of chitosan (chitin). It is known that chitosan (chitin) is biologically produced in large quantities and that chitosan (chitin) has many excellent properties. Major fuction is the activation of lysozyme and chitinase, enzymes which decompose cell membranes and inhibit growth of disease bacteria. Through this function, natural bio systems are kept well balanced and the human body is protected against disease baterias and toxic substances.
The other point is its safety. Since chitin is 100% of natural origin, it is quite a safe substance. Safety has been well verified through oral intake and dermal absorption tests. This is quite different from other organic and inorganic functional materials now in the market.

In the worsening environment of the earth, it is quite essential to rely on the natural substance such as Crabyon for improving human health.


Additional to Crabyon, there are other techniques to implement chitosan (chitin) into fibers:
  • after treatment type
    Chitosan (chitin) is fixed on the fabric with binder. Due to low fixation ability of the binder, the amount of chitosan (chitin) reduces as fabric is washed, leading to a lesser performance.
  • mixed type (compare Fig. 1)
    Chitosan (chitin) power is mixed with cellulose viscose. The more the phsysical properties of the fiber weakens during washing/wearing, the higher the percentage of powder becomes. Therefore, there is a limit of amount of chitosan (chitin) poweder that can be mixed into.

Crabyon (compare Fig. 2) is produced with neither technique but rather with a new, patented one. The process combines chitosan (chitin) and cellulose so uniformly that performance can not be washed out. Furthermore, the full properties of chitosan (chitin) are embedded into the viscose without weaking the fiber, therefore keeping values like a viscose fiber, such as tenacity for example.
mixed type of chitosan fiber 
Fig. 1: mixed type
(red dots in the picture is chitosan)
Crabyon (chitosan and cellulose so uniformly mixed as to be dyed green evenly)
Fig. 2: Crabyon
(Chitosan and cellulose so uniformly mixed as to be dyed green evenly)


  • totally biodegredable
    Crabyon, being of natural origin, is no burden to the environment but totally biodegredable.
  • effective antibaterial function for a long time
    Antibacterial function stays unchanged for a long time because chitosan (chitin) is a built-in part of Crabyon.
  • widely variable ratio of chitosan (chitin) 
    Depending on your requirements of the fiber, ratio of chitosan (chitin) can vary in the wide range of 1-99%. Blended spinning can be done with other fibers such as wool, cotton etc.
  • excellent for weak & sensitive skin
    Crabyon keeps skin from drying out due to its moisture keeping property, which is compared to other cellulosic fibers more than excellent. At the same time, Crabyon has a velvet touch and does not irritate the skin. Crabyon is safe and comfortable - even for people with with or sensitive skin like babies or aged people.
  • similar to a rayon fiber
    Physical properties of Crabyon, such as tenacity or elongation, are very similar to those of regular rayon fiber.
  • excellent dyeability
    Crabyon can be excellently dyed with reaction dyed as well as direct dyes. Dyed Crabyon shows excellent touch and hue.
  • conserving the biosystem
    Chitosan (chitin) is a natural organic resource essential to conservation of earth's biosystem. Accordingly, Crabyon has been developed with the idea of making the most use of this natural resource.
  • a lot of consideration to the environment
    OMIKENSHI is making the most use of crab shells, the waste from crab meat processings factories, by using it for the production of Crabyon. 


The idea behind the development of Crabyon is the fact that chemical structure of chitosan (chitin) is quite similar to the one of cellulose. Crabyon, composite fiber of chitosan (chitin) and cellulose, is manufactured by uniformly blending chitosan (chitin) and cellulose viscsoe moleclues and extruding the blended viscose into the spin-bath. This process has been patented in various counties including the U.S. A. and Japan.

Technical data on the example of a Crabyon dtex 1.7/38mm

 Parameter  Value  Variation
 count (dtex) 1.67 ± 0.10
 cut length (mm) 38 ± 1.0
 tenacity (cN/tex) 25.0 ±  2.0
 elongation (%) 20.0 ± 2.0
 crimp (crimps/cm) 5.0 ± 1.0
 inital crimp (%) 7.0 none
 water holding capacity > 20 none
 sinking time (seconds) < 16 none
 sulphated ash (%) < 0.20 none
 ether soluble substances  < 0.50 none
 water soluble substances 0.65 none
 lustring agent TiO2 (%) none ± 0.00
 pH 5.5 [4.5 - 7.0]
 finish (%) 0.30 ± 0.10
 whiteness (%) 80.0 ± 2.0
 type of bleaching H2O2 n/a
 type of finishing agent
(EU conformity)
FDA n/a
 packing (kg) 200 n/a
Moisture absorption property
(at 20°C, 65 R.H.)
Moisture absorption property of Crabyon chitosan chitin fiber (at 20°C, 65 R.H.)

Water absoprtion property
(by Weireck Method. JUS L1907)
Water absorption property of Crabyon chitosan chitin fiber (by Weireck Method. JUS L1907)

(by Gurley Method. JIS L1096)
Softness of Crabyon chitosan chitin fiber (by Gurley Method. JIS L1096)

Antibateria effect of Crabyon
(left: rock wool - middle: bark block - right: Crabyon)
Showing the antibaterica affect of Crabyon chitosan chitin fiber


Crabyon is highly suitable for various applications which include for example:

- baseball (uniform, wrist band, slide pants, ...)
- warm-up suit (shirt, socks, sweater)
- suit for judo
- (tennis) socks
- infant
- child
- men's (briefs, trunks)
- ladies (lingerie, innerlinings for swimsuit)
- school (polo shirts, gymnatic uniform)
- work life (blouse, cardigan, shirts)
- socks
- pajamas
- towels
- house interior
- non woven (dish towel, mask filter)

Crabyon - the T-shirt made from a crab's chitosan fiber.
Crabyon - the T-shirt made from a crab's chitosan fiber. Wellbeing from nature.

Underwear and clothing designed especially for sensitive and delicate skin, made with fiber composed of Crabyon-Chitosan Micromodal.

Studied and tested as antibacterial and ecocompatibel.

The Crabyon chitosan fiber is especially suitable when suffering from skin troubles like:
  • dermatitis
  • allergies
  • decubitus irritation
  • erythema
  • ezcema

Absolute comfort for sensitive and delicate skin. No pollution for the environment as the shirt is biodegredable.

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