SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


Finesse. Noblesse. Elegance.
Yarns and fibers for luxury and jewellery such as watches, gadgets or apparel.

For when a simple glance is overwhelming, for when no words are needed.

From the finest materials to the shiniest yarns, Swicofil is your expert for silk to real 24K Gold coated yarn to yarns with a special effect. Expertise is our daily business, discretion our passion, satisfaction our desire.
High end yarns for high end products - quality and shine all along the way.
If for watches, gadgets, jewellery, dessous or apparel - Swicofil has deepest insight into the most diverse high end luxury applications. No requirements are too extraordinary, no wishes beyond the limit.

Swicofil combines the sparkle with the expert knowledge. In order for you to shine.
Luxury yarn and fibers for your high end product where quality, reliability and sparkle is required.


With Swicofil, you do not only receive most delicate yarn and fibers that are suitable for your intended end applications. Advantages also include:
  • high quality yarn and fibers
    Swicofil closely collaborates with high qualitative suppliers only. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed to receive the product you need in the quality you want - may the material be ever so rare - without having to maintain thousands of different possible contacts as. Swicofil is your one stop address.
  • passion and sparkle included
    With Swicofil, you do not only receive yarn or fibers. You get the full package. Advice, quality and our passion are included in every bobbin, in every bag, in every carton. We want to serve you and to fully meet your requirements.
  • service whenever you need it
    For us, a business does not stop with the delivery note. After sales service and profound advice in case you should meet difficulties during production are part of our philosophy.
  • distinct know-how
    Distinct knowledge and considerable experience in the luxury field ensure that we fully grasp the situation of your project in no time.
  • exclusive access to plasma metal coated yarns
    Swicofil has exclusive access to plasma metal coated yarns, the opportunity of coating any multifilament yarn with the metal of your desire without any adhesive layers.

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