SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


Swicofil is more than just selling yarn and fibers. Swicofil stands for all-round service where customer satisfaction is highest prioritity. We do everything so that you can focus on your core activity. 
The work of Swicofil is big ranged and includes activities such as:

  • development of new business
    Advising and assessing new projects / optimization of existing projects. 
  • technical support mediation
    You have a specific problem in your production? Swicofil organizes technical support for you whereas we do everything so that you receive expert advice from only the most suitable technician.
  • reporting to supplier
    Keeping our suppliers up to date concerning the customer's project in order to prevent misinformation and to grant perfect functionality of the entire supply chain. 
  • financing
    Swicofil is able to adapt to customer's wishes in regard of financing. This means we can offer payment solutions like special open terms, L/C or B/G. 
  • insurance and forwarding
    Additional to sales, Swicofil offers to organize transportation to customer's location as well as the handling of the related insurance  topics.
  • streamlining activities of several suppliers for a customer
    You need several yarns from multiple suppliers? Not only is Swicofil able to organize these variety of products for you. With Swicofil, it is also possible to have these products delivered at the same time. So that costs are reduced and organizational effort is minimized.
  • legalization and certifications
    For when yarn and fibers need to meet special requirements for e.g. customs or applications like medical.
    Regarding product certifications, Swicofil has not only access to speciality producers. Thanks to the vast network and tight relations to producers worldwide, Swicofil is able to create customized solutions for you.
  • after sales contacts
    Services with Swicofil do not end after you received a product. We care about you, check about the performance of the product you received and think further.

For our suppliers, we offer to lighten their workload as to be found here
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