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Anti-odor and anti-bacterial socks for healthy feet. Wellbeing from pure silver with bioactive fibers.
SwicoSocks - bioactive odor preventing socks
Bioactive fibers are already used in the production of socks with the result that socks containing these efficient biocative fibers will cure smelly feet. Smelly feet are the result of bacteria populating ones feet which grow thank to wearing shoes or sewating feet.

Bioactive fibers will not allow bacteria to grow - consequently, your feet will never have a bad smell again. 


Silver is invisibly embedded in the yarn of the socks. When wearing the sock the dynamic exchange of substances between fibers and skin is activated by the moisture of the skin. The exchange of silver ions has the desired antibacterial effect. It controls odor-causing bacteria and prevents unpleasant smells.

Even after being washed many times the socks retain their specific qualities. Best wearing comfort, high functionality and a perfect visual effect is guaranteed.


If you are able to purchase pallet loads or know a distributing chain who is interested to carry socks which contain bioactive fibers please contact us.

Possible sizes in black and beige:
  • 35 - 37
    normally available
  • 38 - 40
    normally available
  • 41 - 43
    normally available
  • 44 - 46
    normally available
  • 47 - 48
    normally available
The antibacterial effect of silver was already familiar many generations before us. Our ancestors used this property in everyday life, for example when they tossed a silver coin into milk or water to preserve their freshness for longer. These bactericidal properties of silver are also exploited by bioactive – albeit on the basis of highly competent scientific testing.

By integrating finely ground ion exchangers, large quantities of silver can be bonded into the bioactive functional fibers. These textile fibers can be used wherever lasting hygienic properties are required or the prevention of infection is necessary.
The high charging capacity and uniform distribution ensure extremely high efficiency. The silver content can be adapted precisely to each specific application, thereby permitting exact cost management. bioactive therefore provides high efficiency in its antibacterial effect – even after more than 80 industrial washing cycles.

The antibacterial action has been certified by independent laboratories: dermatological tests by ProDerm of Hamburg have confirmed its excellent compatibility with skin and fabrics, satisfying the requirements of EN ISO 10993. bioactive has also been included in the list of bioactive substances accepted by Eco-Tex and has been awarded the Eco-Tex 100 Certificate.


Fortunately, smelly feet generally can also be controlled with a few preventive measures. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society recommends that you:
  • Practice good foot hygiene to keep bacteria levels at a minimum.
    • Bathe your feet daily in lukewarm water, using a mild soap. Dry thoroughly.
    • Change your socks and shoes at least once a day.
    • Dust your feet frequently with a non-medicated baby powder or foot powder.
  • Applying antibacterial ointment also may help.
  • Check for fungal infections between your toes and on the bottoms of your feet.
  • If you spot redness or dry, patchy skin, get treatment right away.
  • Wear thick, soft socks to help draw moisture away from the feet. Cotton and other absorbent materials are best.
  • Avoid wearing pure synthetic socks or plastic shoes. Instead, wear shoes made of leather, canvas, mesh or other materials that let your feet breathe.
  • Don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. If you frequently wear athletic shoes, alternate pairs so that the shoes can dry out. Give your shoes at least 24 hours to air out between wearings; if the odor doesn't go away, discard the shoes.
  • Always wear socks with closed shoes.
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