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Flame retardant yarn and fibers for best performance in extreme conditions.
Swicofil has various possibilities and solutions in regard of FR products. This includes different materials as well as various ways of flame retardancy / proof as for example the novelty called SwicoStop, the reinvented flame retardant Polyester high tenacity yarn, for when safety, reliability and optimal performance are required.

Flame retardant and flame proof characteristics are typically added to industrial and consumer products to meet flammability standards for furniture, electronics, and building products like insulation. This also holds true for textiles. If for upholstery, fire fighter clothing or curtains, inherent and permanent flame inhibiting properties are there to provide safety, one of the paramount concerns of our society.

Flame retardancy (FR) in textiles can be met by various ways:
  • additive
    the flame retardant substance, also called masterbatch, is mixed into the polymer before the spinning/extusion process
  • inherent
    the material itself is flame retardant / flame proof
  • coating
    the yarn or the textile are coated with a FR layer (e.g. TPU) after they finished production

Flame retardancy for plastics is usually measured in the LOI, the so called limiting oxygen index. The LOI describes the minimum concentration of oxygen, expressed as a percentage, that will support combustion of the polymer. The higher the LOI, the better the flame retardancy, whereas the crucial lower LOI for FR is higher than 21%. This due to the air normally consisting out of 21% oxygen, the most important substance in any combustion process.


Swicofil offers a broad variety of yarn and fibers that are resistant to extreme conditions. It is possible to combine flame retardant properties with characteristics like:
  • chemical inertness
  • (electric) conductivity
  • high strength
  • ...

Depending on your end application and amongst others, Swicofil offers products like:
... as well as other products like PTFE, glass fiber, ceramic fiber, stainless steel yarns and other products that are either inherently resistant against extreme conditions or equiped with FR properties. 

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