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Polyoxadiazole POD


Polyoxadiazole flat FDY for applications such as:

  • reinforcement
    of tire and other mechanical rubber goods
  • phenolic and epoxy composites
  • high temperature filter bags
    like for metallurgy, cement, asphalt
  • protective cloth
  • hotel and transport textile products



Polyoxadiazole flat FDY is available as follows:

countdtex 294 & dtex 1000
twistpossible, up to 700tpm (Z & S direction)
tenacitymin. 38 cN/tex
shrinkagemax. 0.2%
strength retention (after 25h at 350°C)min. 40%
long term using temperature250°C
strength remaining75% (for loop and knot)
oil dress content1.0% - 2.0%

Polyoxadiazole POD multfilament yarn applications
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