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Polyoxadiazole POD


Polyoxadiazole POD yarn has the following properties:


  • heat resistance
    POD can be used long-term (up to 3 years) at high temperature up to 250°C, with notable withstanding of short-term heat shock up to 400°C. Thermal destruction begins at 500°C. Arselon fiber doesn’t melt.
    Arselon withstands the exposure of open fire, in inert media the material carbonizes.
    Oxygen index LOI for virgin fiber is 30% minimum. Arselon based fabrics can not be burned with overheated (600-700°C) sparkles.
    The fiber is applicable at cryogenic conditions as well.

  • good breaking strength
    Average load at break of the filament is 45cN/tex at 20°C and 27 cN/tex at 200°C.
    The filament is very stable to withstand cyclic and static load and has a high adhesion to rubber.

  • chemical resistance
    POD has a high resistance to organic solvents and acids. Furthermore, it is stable to thinned inorganic acids and alkalis.

  • natural humidity
    Humidity level of POD can be compared to cotton or viscose (abt. 11%).

  • low shrinkage
    Linear shrinkage at high temperatures (up to 400°C) is 0,5% max., that is significantly better versus other types of heat resistant fibers with high level of shrinkage.

  • unique frictional properties
    POD has very low friction coefficient to the metal surface. This property is a key to successful using of POD in composite industry. The material is wear-resistant and not abrasive.

  • high electrical resistance
    > 1014 ohm x mm2 / m 
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