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For when you need UV resistant properties, high strength/stability solutions, abrasion resistance, inertness or hydrophobic properties - Swicofil has the solution.
Swicofil, your partner for biodegredable yarn, bonding yarn, UV resistant yarn, yarn with high strength/stability, illumination, insulation or a temperature regulating yarn.
High performance is essential for functional solutions. They need to endure special circumstances whilst not compromising on perfoming. A climbing rope for example should not only secure a climber. It also must not abrade and needs to endure high UV exposure.

Such circumstances impose crucial requirements to your raw materials, yarn and fibers. Swicofil is your partner for even the most complicated demands thanks to further thinking. This means: distinctive knowledge and careful consideration of the end application as well as the consequental situation as an entirety. 


High performance in terms of yarns can mean a lot of different things, though they have all one thing in common: extreme surroundings. It is therefore important for the yarn to perform accordingly by having one or several of the following characteristics:

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