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Green and sustainable solutions, for when you want a something special more.
Ecological and green yarn and fibers as well as other special yarns and fibers
A long held belief is that the textile sector and sustainability are not compatible at all. However, progressing technology and new production methods do not make a stop at the business of yarn and fiber production, but enabling an ecofriendly production. 

It is therefore now possible to source sustainable yarn and fibers. Swicofil wants to do everything possible to ensure intergenerational justice and supporting the Oekotex certification process of various products.  This means specifically: carefully selected natural fibers (for example nettle) as well as recycled synthetic yarns like  Polyester, whereas both meet claims of sustainability, are in the product range of Swicofil. 

Furthermore, compostable solutions are also a newly integrated part into the yarn and fiber sector as well as in the work of Swicofil.

For this core market, Swicofil has certain prerequisites for customers:
  • seriousness
    In general, Swicofil expects every customer to be serious. For this core market however, a special kind of seriousness is expected. Swicofil is not able to help customers who simply inquire for the sake of inquiring or because sustainability is a growing trend. This includes a certain kind of knowledge of the term "sustainability" as well as yarn production. Writing "We need a sustainable material" when inquiring is considered meaningless to Swicofil as this term does not really show this specific seriousness Swicofil wants to support.
  • taking over responsibility
    We from Swicofil highly appreciate the interest in sustainable solutions we experience. When it comes to sustainability, Swicofil focuses on an integral part of sustainabiltiy, namely responsiblity. In our eyes, when one inquires for sustainable solutions, one inquires for responsiblity. "We need sustainable yarn" is not taking over responsibility but the (understandable) desire to meet market demand. While this position (motivated by the simple rules of microeconomics) is a first step in the right direction, customers of Swicofil for sustainable solutions need to be a step ahead, to have "more motivation" and to know what sustainability really means.
  • patience
    Sustainable solutions are still developing. Kindly note that your optimal solution might not exist yet and that certain developments take some time.


Swicofil is able to provide you with green solutions. Depending on what you are looking for, the following products might be suitable:
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