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In order to be able serving our valuable customers in a perfect way we would like to explain how Swicofil handles sample requests and what the basis of a successful co-operation with Swicofil is.


Swicofil is a commercial organization who loves to serve you well. This goal can only be achieved if we are able to work efficiently.

Are you placing an inquiry to Swicofil for the first time?
Time is short and valueable for everyone. In order for Swicofil to serve you the quickest possible, it is crucial for Swicofil to know all your requirements properly. This means for you: To provide Swicofil with all details of your requirement straight from the beginning.

We developped a checklist for this reason. Please fully fill it in and send it back to swicofil(at)swicofil.com. If you do not want to download the .docx file, please send us an email with the answers to all the questions asked here.

Kindly note: 
  • Swicofil treats the activities of customers confidential. When we thus ask for background information, we need the details in order to source you the most suitable product, not out of noisyness.
  • Incomplete inquiries for products and applications will no longer be answered.
  • Anonymous inquiries, especially from mass mail providers like Gmail or Hotmail will no longer be answered.
  • Questions can only be answered if they are asked very specificly. "What is the minimum quantity" or "can you give me more information on ...." will not be answered. We need your detailed input which involves the filled in checklist / answers to the questions asked here. Furthermore, all internal information we have on materials are generally to be found on the according material website.
  • Freight charges vary quite substantially. Shipping small quantities is far more costly per kg than full container loads.
  • Samples are not always readily in our office stock available because the number of products which we handle is immense. Swicofil will however organize them and ship them to customer accordingly. This simply means for customer a slightly longer waiting time (mostly a couple of days). However, due to Swicofil's expertise, the likelihood of receiving the perfect product for your project the first time rises. Swicofil customers therefore save time in the long run as they do not have to do numerous testings of different yarns.
  • For big mass standard products at cheap price, you are well advised to check with with other sources. Swicofil is dedicated to highest quality yarn and fiber specialities. Inquiries for substandards, stocks lots do not belong to the work of range of Swicofil. Such inquiries will not be answered. Swicofil is neither active in the field of fabrics or other ready made products. 
  • Should you need more guidance/long term coaching on product developments, new idea etc. we are happy to assist you.
  • Swicofil is a commercial organization. Private people, who would like to order one single bobbin for handknitting purposes or similar hobbies, are well advised to look elsewhere as Swicofil does not have the capacity to serve yarn and fibers for "leisure activities".

Swicofil expects the courtesy of receving your complete contact details with the first communication - especially if your email address is a mass mailing service like Hotmail or YahooMail. Inquiries originaiting from mass mailing services without full contact details (company name, address, phone number, name of contact person) will be deleted by our system.


By experience, free samplings are a one way street which in most cases do not lead to success. Swicofil would like to support those who mean it serious in contrary to those being generally interested in any materials. Therefore, Swicofil introduced the sampling policy of "Free samples have no value".

When a sample has a price, more intrinsic value is automatically put to it. Chances and risks have been professionially evaluated when investing in a sample. We mention this here because in the past, we were too often asked to send a sample and never got a result or even a feedback.

In order to bring value of a sampling to the entire supply chain, Swicofil prefers to work with customers who share the above mentionned attitude.

In a view of a long term partnership, Swicofil's policy is to:
  • support serious customers in their sample request
  • arrange the required samples from high quality partners all over the world
  • charge for the samples as well as the shipping to customer
    (we apply a minimum amount for samples - which can be refunded once trials were successful)
  • engage for a cost refunding scheme once the project goes commercial and the material can be supplied on a regular basis.

To conclude, when the risks / chances of a project have been carefully analysed, the project is very likely to succeed. In such cases, the sampling costs will be refunded. A sampling would therefore not have added any costs in the overall sight.

We do thank you for your understanding and wish you a successful start with Swicofil as your reliable and long term partner.
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