SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


Luxurious yarn and fibers for finest lingerie, luxurious dresses, haute couture and more.
Golden luxury yarns and more for high end applications
Swicofil and its plattform partners are here to support you in your developments and product needs. Whether you would like to offer your end customers apparel that is of golden comfort, luxurious softness or a brilliant touch, Swicofil is able to offer it. 

Swicofil combines the sparkle with the expert knowledge. In order for you to shine.


Swicofil offers yarn and fibers for luxurious apparel applications as follows:
  • 24K Gold yarn
    like SwicoGold yarns where 24K gold is directly brought onto a filament yarn of your choice
  • finest silk yarn

as well as Sea Island Cotton and more to be found in our product programme.

CONTACT US  for more information or if you are interested in yarn or fibers for luxurious apparel.

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