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For when you need to be seen. Swicofil is your partner for yarns when it comes to illumination, reflection, glow effect or neon yarns.
Visual effect for solutions where yarn and fibers need to be seen with Swicofil
When it comes to illuminiation in textiles, one would like to develop a product that
  • is conducting light
  • is hard and longer lasting
  • is better performing
  • still functions well in difficult environments

Depending on other product performance requirements, you will find you solution here.


Visual effects in terms of yarns are important due to various reasons. It may either be in order to signal the presence of something or some one. Or just because it looks nice.

In order to meet these needs, there are various solutions as listed below
  • illumination
    light-carrying yarns in order to transmit a light signal
  • reflective
    yarns that reflect light in order to communicate the presence of something, especially in low-light conditions
  • after glow
    yarn that glows in the dark - for when special effects are needed
  • neon yarn
    neon dyed yarn in various materials like PET high tenacity in order to communicate the presence of something
  • thermochromic yarns
    yarns that change their colour at a specific temperature

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