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Glow Yarn


Glow yarn is a revolutionary luminous filament yarn, developed by mixing, melting and extruding Polyester chips with photoluminescent pigment.


Glow yarn incorporated into watch strap by Erika

Watch strap made with glow yarn by Erika's Originals.


Glow yarn automatically glows in the dark after absorbing sunlight for 3 minutes or luminous light for 20 minutes. One hour of sunlight exposure enable luminous glow yarn to emit light for up to 3 hours continuously. The light absoring process of absoring-emitting-storing-emitting of glow yarn can be repeated infinitely.

  • longest glow ever
  • highest luminosity
  • suitable for outdoor life
  • unlimited range of applications

Glow yarn luminescent material is non-toxic, harmless and free from any harmul substances. Glow yarn offers unlimited applications for embroidery or sewing thread, weaving, garments, shoes, ropes, straps, strings, tents, beads, buttons, electric sign boards and even hair spary and nail enamel.

Glow yarn enables a high degree of luminosity, excellent resistance against weather and light as well as stability against both water and other chemicals.


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