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Swicofil is one of the specialist companies offering Bosilun fibers, a derivate from Polyester.
Bosilun fiber combines advantages of many kind of chemical fibers. Many micro pores on the fiber surface provide a much better air permeability. With good affinity for skin, it can be used in garment fabrics, knitted products, carpets, blankets and artificial furs for example..

The feeling is like acrylic, with an excellent luster. It is guaranteed for dyeing.


Bosilun has the following properties: 
  • excellent bulking intensity
  • excellent elasticity
  • excellent rigidity


Bosilun is perfect for many different applications like: 
  • filling material for quilts
  • garments
  • pillow inner cushion
  • filling material for woolen yarns, toys, inner core
  • filling material for shoes, hats, sofa lining
  • material for cotton spinning, wool spinning, blankets, non-woven-fabrics, plush


 Specification  Cross-section  Usage
 1.5 den / 38mm  popular round  cotton spinning system
 2.2 den / 38mm  round  wool spinning system
 2.5 den / 65mm  round  wool spinning system
 3.0 den / 65mm  popular round  wool spinning system
 3.5 den / 102mm  round  carpet yarn, knitting yarn,
 wool yarn, artifical fur yarn
 4.0 den / 102mm  popular round  knitting yarn
 5.0 den / 102mm  round  carpet yarn, knitting yarn
 5.0 den / 51mm  popular round  artifical fur yarn
 6.0 den / 102mm  popular round  carpet yarn
 8.0 den / 102mm  popular round  carpet yarn
 10.0 den / 102mm  round  carpet yarn
 3.0 den / 65mm  flat  carpet yarn
 3.0 den / 102mm  flat  carpet yarn

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