SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


The plattform for yarn and fiber specialities, your partner for exclusivities.


Swicofil Commerce, your expert for yarn and fiber specialities. Our world is full of passion, expertise and yarn and fibers of your dreams. And with dreams, we mean dreams.

Because we from Swicofil have the desire to find the scarcest yarn and fiber specialities in the highest quality from all over the world. This includes our novelties like plasma metal coated yarn, for example in real 24K goldpure silver or high conductive type (> 0.1 ohm/cm), glow yarn with an incredibly longlasting glow effect or other functional solutions.

But also other products in highest quality are available with Swicofil, like PET high tenacity yarn, PMMA or other high performance materials.


Swicofil - global expert for yarn and fiber specialities


Over are the times, where you had to extensively search from the vast pool of yarn and fiber producers for a perfect supplier. Or where you had to go with an unknown supplier from an untrustworthy website because you could not find a suitable source in an appropriate time, resulting in the product being of low quality and causing you and your customers headache.

With Swicofil Commerce, you do not have to look for high quality suppliers any longer. Swicofil Commerce offers the advantage of having access to an extensive network of high quality yarn and fiber producers for almost every material. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed to receive the product you need in the quality you want - may the material be ever so rare - without having to maintain thousands of different possible contacts. 

With Swicofil Commerce, you do not only receive a yarn or fibers. You get the full package. Advice, quality and our passion are included in every bobbin, in every bag, in every carton.  We want to serve you and to fully meet your requirements.



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