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Polyester PET


Polyester high tenacity yarns for various high performance application, available as follows:

countdtex 20 - dtex 6600
tenacityup to 84 cN/tex
elongation13% - 24%
shrinkage0.9% - 10.5%
flame retardancypossible (search for "SwicoStop" on product page)
spun dyedpossible
put up typecops or Y

Need Polyester high tenacity with FR properties? Please click here.


Furthermore, for special requirements and customized PET high tenacity yarn, Swicofil works closely together with Tersuisse, the only European producer of spundyed (non black) PET high tenacity yarns.

Tersuisse, your Polyester high tenacity yarn partner in raw white and spun dyed


Customization with Tersuisse includes the following among other points:

  • food contact applications
    Any polyester high tenacity yarn in the Tersuisse program can be supplied with FDA approved spin finishes.
  • taslanized
    Taslanzied high tenacity Polyester multilfilament yarn for applications where a better grip or a higher volume are important.
  • warping
    Tersuisse has modern warping equipment for high tenacity Polyester multifilament yarns - we are able to offer the yarns on weaving beams.
  • spundyed
    Tersuisse is today the only European producer of spundyed (non black) Polyester high tenacity yarns. One of the most important topics is the possibility of producing non bleeding shaed. 



The below oversight shows the standard programme of Tersuisse for PET high tenacity yarns in spundyed. Shades marked with a star (*) are colours that do not bleed. Shades marked with two stars (**) are colours that do most likely not bleed.

PET high tenacity yarns are available in various colours.


  • ability to offer spundyed shades that are NOT bleeding (even in sea water)
  • proximity to the European markets
  • the flexibility to adjust to customers needs in terms of product creation or minimum quantities
  • the ability to create new colours (even exclusivities for a customer are possible)
  • the high quality level
  • the ability to offer twisted and plied yarns
  • Tersuisse's ability to offer taslanized yarns in the same colour (eg. to give ropes a much better grip)

For more information, please visit the page of Tersuisse or download the product line flyers:


    rawwhite PET high tenactiy yarn by Teruisse Innovation the flexible way - PET high tenacity yarn up to your requirements (.pdf file)


    spundyed PET high tenacity yarns up to your requirements Colours in their full extend - spundyed PET high tenacity yarn (.pdf file)





As an alternative to 855T Diolen, whose production has been stopped, Swicofil is able to offer Tersuisse type 156, the nearest possible alternative to the missing type 855T from Diolen.

Diolen 855T was mainly used for applications like broad farbics, conveyor belts, hoses, nets, ropes, slings and strapping.


countdtex 1100dtex 1100, dtex 1670
filaments210192 or 210 (for dtex 1100), 210 or 247 (for dtex 1670)
tenacity81.9 cN/tex - 84.0 cN/tex
shrinkage5.9% - 10.5%
elongation12.5% - 14.6%
put up typeYY
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