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Water jet weaving on water jet looms.


Water jet weaving refers to weaving on a water jet loom. A water jet loom is similar to an air jet loom but uses water instead of air to transport the yarn around the shed. Water jet looms can weave very quickly whilst the yarn is not damaged as water is less abrasive than solid matter moving the yarn around (like it is with rapier weaving looms). Water jet looms are furthermore less noisy than rapier weaving looms and use comparatively less power. 

Water jet weaving is only suitable for yarns of hydrophobic nature like Polyester PET, Acetate CA or Polyamides (6 or 6.6 for example). Materials that are hydrophilic - natural fibers like cotton, nettle or hemp for example - better not be applied in water jet weaving as the fabric would become too heavy during weaving due to extreme moisture absorption. 

Despite only hydrophobic materials being used for water jet weaving, one has to dry the fabric afterwards. 
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