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THE yarn manual to provide you with basic information on test methods, twisting or count conversion when it comes to universally textile related informations.
Established by Swicofil who is the trusted name in industry for any yarn and fiber specialities, you may find information on yarn related topics on the following sites such as: 

  • twist direction
    In case you ever wondered what is a S-twist or a Z-twist or how different kind of yarns like sewing threads are twisted together in order to receive their typical shape.
  • yarn numbering systems
    Ever asked yourself what the expression "den(ier)" on the package of pantyhose exactly refers to? Here, you learn all about it - and other yarn numbering systems.
  • count converter
    At your service if you what to convert all kinds of yarn numbering counts into another.
  • yarn test methods
    Under what conditions are the properties of a yarn tested? We tell you here!
  • raw material chain
    An oversight for all those interested how the different polymers are related to one another.

and many more topics. Please refer to the menu in order to gain full access to all information. 

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