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For when you need a bonding solution, nanotech products, lightweight yarns and fibers or other functionalities. 
Functionality like lightweight yarn, bonding yarn or other possibilities with Swicofil


Functionality is not only needed in applications where visual effects or a high performance are crucial. Functionality can also mean that your end product should be biodegradable, lightweight or that an easy bonding solution is needed.

Swicofil is able to source and support you whenever your end product need to fullfill or perform special characteristics. Depending on your project, we are able for example able to support you with solutions that are:

  • green / biodegradable
    yarn and fibers that are easily led back into the biological ecocycle
  • bonding / separating
    melting yarns with the ability to either bond or separate materials with each other without the necessity of sewing etc.
  • insulating
    yarns and fibers with a high performance in terms of insulating properties
  • nanotech
    yarns and fibers made with nano-technology in order to receive exceptional performance
  • lightweight
    lightweight yarns and fibers for solutions where it is essential to reduce the weight of your end use product
  • low creep
    yarns and fibers with a good internal structure, minimizing the risk of compromising your product's performance over time

CONTACT US with more information concerning your project to get your perfect functional solution.

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