SWICOFIL - Yarn and fiber expert.


Your global yarn and fiber expert for new and improved high tech solutions.


Nothing is impossible - even though it may seem like it sometimes. With Swicofil Consult, extraordinary ideas do not get rejected but thoroughly tested for the entire process of your project - right from the beginning.

Together with you and according to your requirements, Swicofil will find the solution for your textile or technical problem.

Swicofil Consult - Expertise for Specialities


Not only evaluation is included in the remit of Swicofil Consult. Swicofil Consult also means support along the entirety of your project as well as engineering expert solutions for complex problems in any part of your project in regard of processing yarn and fibers - under the premises of integrity and confidentiality. If you need assurance of this promise, we will gladly establish an NDA.

Swicofil Consult is here for you for when you need a solution to a problem, for when you are unsure about the practicability of a new product idea. The remit of Swicofil Consult not only includes product development & product engineering. Swicofil Consult is also your partner to address for product evaluation or lifecycle thinking. Coaching and support - along the entire product life-cycle. 


What does the service of Swicofil Consult mean?
Evaluation of your project / problem and technical chances or possible alternatives in terms of yarn and fibers from the beginning of your project.

What enables Swicofil Consult to do so?

Why should I use the service of Swicofil Consult?
Less invested money and time in the overall sight.

For what kind of projects can I use the service of Swicofil Consult?
The newer and crazier the idea behind a project is, the more challenging (and interesting) for us. The scope is practically limitless - challenge the yarn and fiber expert knowledge of Swicofil Consult with your special project requirements.

How much does it cost?
We offer various pricing models, depending on the extend you would like Swicofil to accompany you. Contact us for more information.
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