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Yarns and fibers are a crucial part of the medical and health industry. Such product developments are however regulated by many different aspects and require highest standards. In-depth knowledge and considerable experience from Swicofil's side facilitate your product engineering.
Yarns and fiber approved for medical use to grant health, safety and best medical product developments without any problems. For applications like sutures, biomedical textiles, markers, supports, cosmetic solutions
Being in good health cannot be bought with any money. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor your health. Swicofil and its customers do everything within their power to help you to do so. But not only precautions are within the range, also yarn and fiber solutions for when there is need of medical assistance.


Swicofil is here to provide  medical customers (or those who want to become active in this segment) with advice as well as high quality products that are for example made of FDA approved polymer for fields like:
Swicofil succeeded in mastering difficult medical product development problems in the past and is not scared of a new challenge. To do so, Swicofil has an in-depth knowledge of the various materials that are available on the market in general. Furthermore, expertise in regard of the medical field as well as considerable experience from past projects ensure highest competence.  We want to do everything possible in our power to make this world a little better, a little healthier.
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