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Polyethylene UHMWPE

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UHMWPE multifilament and fibers for applications like:

  • armour
  • suspension lines
  • climbing equipment
  • balistic end-uses
  • medical end-uses like sutures


Need UHMWPE yarn to be conductive - without impairing its performance and characteristics? Try our plasma metal coated yarn line.


UHMWPE multifilament is available as follows: 

countdtex 11 - dtex 5330
tenacityup to 410 cN/tex
elongation2.8% - 4%
twistpossible for some yarn types
spin finishnone
specific weight0.97
melting point147°C
put up typeY


UHMWPE fiber is available as follows:

countdtex 1.67 - dtex 3.3
cutlength51 mm
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