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Super soft twistless cotton for super soft towels.


A cotton yarn is normally twisted with relatively high turns per meter in Z-twist. This twisting is responsible for a relatively hard cotton yarn which in the final product such as a towel reduces the softness considerably. Towels produced with twistless cotton have a wonderful soft-touch and an excellent water absorbency.

Our supplier partner has developed a great novelty which results in a very soft hand and which has an excellent high absorbency.

How does it work?
A single cotton yarn for pile is doubled with a PVA yarn. Then, the doubled ends are twisted in the reverse direction (S-twist). The twist number of the reverse twist is the same twist number as the original cotton yarn. By this method the cotton yarn itself becomes untwisted. It is covered by the PVA yarn which functions as reinforcement yarn during subsequent processing. Sizing is not necessary for the twisted pile yarn. The PVA yarn is eliminated by a process which we can communicate to you - this makes the cotton yarn finally twistless.

Cotton towel.


The range of products is from Ne 8/1 to Ne 16/1. The latter one represents the most common standard product. The count indication is the one of the pure cotton - the PVA yarn is not taken into consideration - consequently the real count of the twisted yarn is higher.

The yarns can be supplied on 1.2 kg cones without knot or on 2.4 kgs cones with 1 knot. In counts other than Ne 16/1 there is no regular stocks - therefore minimum quantity of 100 kgs applies.

Our supplier partner is also working on the development of a cupro/cotton yarn.

Twistless cotton for super soft towels.

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